How To Buy Ethereum With Altbase


Ethereum (ETH) has since its inception has always held the number two spot for most popular cryptocurrency, and also the number two position in market cap. Users can now buy BEP20 $ETH on Altbase Altcoin Exchange.

Initially made to be a much simpler alternative to Bitcoin, Ethereum works much the same, but the biggest difference is the ability for Ethereum's network, to create and run smart contracts, run applications, and process faster transactions, which is something that Bitcoin cannot do. Ethereum is also limitless while Bitcoin is limited to the 21 million predetermined limit.


Ethereum's Upgrades Keeping It On Top

Ethereum has a wide range of functions besides being used as a digital currency, with the ability for the chain to produce smart contracts and applications has made it a favourite for developers who are constantly looking for new ways to improve the network, and develop new applications.

Ethereum is a mainstay component of the crypto space, and the amount of development on the chain is a significant sign that the position currently held by ETH, is a long standing spot that is unlikely to be overtaken by anyone anytime soon.

Altbase has launched a BEP20 version of ETH, a pegged 1:1 equivalent that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Soon to be released updates to the Altbase application are currently being implemented to change this to the original tokens soon.

A Guide On How To Buy Ethereum With Altbase

  1. Download the official Altbase Application from either The Google Play Store or The Apple App Store.
  2. Once installed correctly, follow the onscreen instructions within Altbase to set-up a new account and create or import a wallet. Taking note of the recovery phrase when creating a new wallet. Do not share this with anyone and store it securely.
  3. Now that the wallet is created and Altbase is set up, it is time to buy BNB as this is what is needed to buy ETH. To do this, select the Buy button on the Home menu inside the Binance Coin Section.
    All that is required is a debit or credit card - Simply follow the onscreen instructions inside the payment platform to complete.
  4. Once the BNB is displayed into the Altbase wallet, select the Coins section on the bottom Menu bar, find Ethereum (ETH) and select it. Inside the Ethereum sub-menu, locate the green buy button to open the buy menu.
  5. Inside the Ethereum (ETH) Buy Menu, choose the amount of BNB to trade for ETH and to complete the transaction, select the buy button on the bottom of the screen to buy Ethereum.
    Your Altbase wallet should now reflect your purchase and show your new ETH balance.


Cryptocurrency investment activities, including actions undertaken to buy Ethereum online via the Altbase app are always subject to market risk. Altbase provides a convenient and hassle-free way for you to buy Ethereum, and we put our best attempt to fully advise our users about each and every token and altcoin we offer on the exchange, but we are not responsible for the results that could arise from your purchase through Altbase. This page and any information in it is not intended to be seen as any kind of endorsement, of any individual cryptocurrency, token or altcoin or any of the various methods to obtain it.

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