Bitcoin was the very first implementation of blockchain technology, and is the dominant champ and king of all things cryptocurrency at present. You can buy tokenized BTCB via Altbase Altcoin Exchange.

The project that is at the foundation for the entire cryptocurrency market, was designed by a mysterious and anonymous creator, under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”, with the goal of being the first digital currency to solve the double spending problem, without the need for a central server or trusted authority.


The Original & True King Of Crypto!

Using the popular proof-of-work model, users on the network are able to earn BTC by solving computational puzzles that get significantly harder, and require more computational energy as the 21 million BTC supply cap draws closer.

Initially BTC was built to be a payment method to help people send money over the internet, but due to technological improvements implemented on other platforms being far superior for this purpose, BTC has become a comparable store of value to gold.

Highest Performing Asset Class Of The Last Decade

The returns on BTC over the previous decade have outstripped every other asset class including gold, by large margins, and even beat the NASDAQ over the same time period to give 10X better ROI.

Altbase will be launching a BEP20 version of Bitcoin, called BTCB, a pegged 1:1 equivalent runs on the BSC. This move is temporary, and will be updated once cross-chain developments are implemented in the near future.

A Guide On How To Buy Bitcoin With Altbase

  1. Download the official Altbase Application from either The Google Play Store, or The Apple App Store
  2. Once the app has downloaded correctly, follow the instructions inside the Altbase app to create a new account, and set up or import a wallet. Be careful with your recovery phrase if creating a new wallet. Do not share this with anyone. Store securely.
  3. Now that Altbase is set up, it is time to buy BNB. This is what is needed to buy BTC token. Select the Buy button on the Home menu inside the Binance Coin Section. All that is required is a debit or credit card - Follow the onscreen guide inside the payment platform to complete.
  4. Now BNB is successfully loaded into the Altbase wallet, select the Coins section on the bottom Menu bar, find Polkadot and select it. Inside the Polkadot sub-menu, locate the buy button to open the buy menu.
  5. Inside the Bitcoin (BTC) Buy Menu, choose the amount of BNB to trade for BTC and to complete the transaction, select the buy button on the bottom of the screen to buy BTC. Your Altbase wallet should now reflect your purchase and show your new Polkadot balance.


Cryptocurrency investment activities, including procedures used to buy Bitcoin online via the Altbase app are subject to market risk. Altbase provides an easy-way for you to buy Bitcoin, and we do our best to fully educate our users about each and every token and altcoin we offer on the exchange, but we are not responsible for the results that could come from your purchase through Altbase. This page and any information in it is not intended to be seen as any kind of recommendation, of any cryptocurrency, token or altcoin or any of the numerous options to obtain it.

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