How To Buy Binance Coin With Altbase


Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has its own token called BNB that is run on Binance’s own smart chain (BSC). The BSC itself is a big driving force behind the explosion of projects created during 2021. You can now buy BNB easily and securely via Altbase Altcoin Exchange!

The BNB token is the native token and the power behind the Binance ecosystem. Its position within such a large exchange makes BNB one of the world's most popular utility tokens.


BNB - The Ultimate Utility Token

With BNB, users of the Binance exchange are able to pay for goods and services, participate in token sales, and reduce transaction fees. Whereas outside of Binance, BNB has a wide range of applications that include loans and transfers, investment options, entertainment purchases and even booking travel through various sites.

With a maximum of 200 million tokens, Binance uses one fifth of the profits from their business every quarter, to repurchase BNB tokens for burning, removing them from supply to increase rarity and increase value through scarcity. A burn in Oct 2021 removed over half a billion dollars of BNB from the supply.

BNB is currently the paired token for all of the projects listed on Altbase for the time being.
Developments are underway and due soon, for cross-chain implementation that will reduce the need for BNB to trade within Altbase.

A Guide On How To Buy Binance Coin With Altbase

  1. Download the official Altbase Application from either The Google Play Store, or The Apple App Store.
  2. Once installed, follow the instructions inside the Altbase app to create a new account, and set up or import a wallet. Be careful with your recovery phrase if creating a new wallet. Do not share this with anyone. Store securely.
  3. Now that Altbase is set up, it is time to buy BNB. Select the Buy button on the Home menu inside the Binance Coin Section. All that is required is a debit or credit card - Follow the onscreen guide inside the payment platform to complete.
  4. Your Altbase wallet should now reflect your purchase and show your new Binance Coin balance.


Cryptocurrency investment activities, including procedures used to buy Binance Coin online via the Altbase app are subject to market risk. Altbase provides an easy-way for you to buy Binance Coin, and we do our best to fully educate our users about each and every token and altcoin we offer on the exchange, but we are not responsible for the results that could come from your purchase through Altbase. This page and any information in it is not intended to be seen as any kind of recommendation, of any cryptocurrency, token or altcoin or any of the varying options to obtain it.

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