How To Buy Cardano With Altbase

Cardano (ADA) is one of the underdogs of the crypto currency world, coming out of nowhere to claim the number three spot after Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can easily purchase tokenized Cardano on Altbase Altcoin Exchange. First established in 2015 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hopkinson and officially launched in 2017 and is now the largest cryptocurrency to use the much more environmentally friendly proof-of-stake model.

Smart Contracts Incoming For Cardano

Cardano uses a two layer solution to blockchain that comprises a settlement layer and a computational layer, with the first layer being complete, and the second ready to launch in the coming weeks.

The first settlement layer is similar to the Ethereum chain, and allows the transactions of ADA tokens from one wallet to another, whilst the upcoming second layer is what will enable users to initiate and sign smart contracts. This move is known as the Alonzo hard fork.

Cardano Aiming For Mass Adoption

Cardano is one of the projects that continues to develop its blockchain technology, and ecosystem. The latest upcoming fork finally gives Cardano the use case that investors have long been waiting for, which should shake up the industry if their planned roadmap is successful.

Cardano is considered one of the most victorious platforms of 2021 and as a result, ADA is one of the altcoins that has the world talking and investing.


A Guide On How To Buy Cardano With Altbase

  1. Download the official Altbase Application from either The Google Play Store, or The Apple App Store.
  2. Once the app has installed correctly, follow the onscreen steps within Altbase to set-up a new account and create or import a wallet. Taking careful note of the recovery phase when creating a new wallet. Do not share this and store it securely.
  3. Now the wallet is created and Altbase is set up, purchase BNB, as this is what is required to buy Cardano. To do this, select the Buy button on the Home menu inside the Binance Coin Section. All that is required is a debit or credit card - Follow the steps inside the payment platform to complete.
  4. Once BNB is successfully loaded into the Altbase wallet, select the Coins section on the bottom Menu bar, find Cardano (ADA) and click it. Inside the Cardano sub-menu, locate the green Buy button to open the Buy menu.
  5. Inside the Cardano (ADA) Buy Menu, choose the amount of BNB to trade for ADA and to complete the transaction, select the buy button on the bottom of the screen to buy Cardano. Your Altbase wallet should now reflect your purchase and show your new ADA balance.


Cryptocurrency investment activities, including actions undertaken to buy ADA online via the Altbase app are always subject to market risk. Altbase provides a simple and hassle-free way for you to buy ADA, and we put our best attempt to fully notify our users about each and every token and altcoin we offer on the exchange, but we are not responsible for the results that could arise from your purchase via Altbase. This page and any information in it is not intended to be viewed as any kind of endorsement, of any particular cryptocurrency, token or altcoin or any of the various methods to obtain it.

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