Have Some Questions?


Here at Altbase, there is the understanding that the world of crypto can be a little overwhelming, and confusing at the best of times for anyone not familiar with the space.

That is why this guide is produced, to help answer any questions that users may have in one simple and easy list:


How do I download Altbase?

You can download Altbase from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Can I store coins that aren't listed in my Altbase wallet?

No, unfortunately if the token isn't listed on Altbase, the wallet will not support the token.

What is the withdrawal/deposit limit on Altbase?

Currently there is no withdrawal limit or deposit limit.

How do I see the price chart of my tokens?

You can see all of the price action inside the app under and it should be the first thing you see when you select a token in the “Coins” menu.

What is the security phrase used for?

The Secret Recovery Phrase is a unique 12-word phrase that is generated when you first set up Altbase. Your funds are connected to that phrase. If you ever lose your password, your Secret Recovery Phrase allows you to recover your wallet and your funds. Write it down on paper and hide it somewhere, put it in a safety deposit box, or use a secure password manager.

How do I suggest a feature or give feedback?

You can jump onto the official Telegram, jump onto the official Twitter or send us an email here.

Why do I need BNB to transfer other tokens?

Due to the fee charges on the Binance Smart Chain, the requirement is you must have at least 0.01 BNB in your account to conduct a transaction.

How do I transfer my coins from another wallet to Altbase?

To transfer your portfolio from another wallet or exchange, find the token you are trying to send inside the Altbase app, select the “Receive” button and either scan the QR code with your alternate wallet or copy and paste the wallet address located under the QR code.

Will Altbase ever ask for my account details like my secret phrase or password?

No. Altbase will never contact you for any of your security details including your password or secret phrase. Never share this with anyone, ever.

What is Altbase Token?

Altbase Token is the coin to use for anything Altbase - Use your tokens to purchase products, merchandise and services, all within the exchange with more options being made available soon.

What is the connection of Altbase Token to 100xCoin?

Altbase and 100xCoin are one in the same. 100xCoin has rebranded to Altbase Token, in order to better streamline with the Altbase application. Altbase Token, the fuel for the Altbase app.

How often do new projects list?

Project listings are frequently updated but generally as per demand. Is your favourite project missing from the list? Submit the token on the Altbase Listing Competition page. Winner is the project with the most votes.

Do I own my private keys?

Absolutely. Your keys on the Altbase application are 100% yours.

Is Altbase an exchange?

Altbase is built around the PancakeSwap API with some improvements made to add simplicity, however developments are underway for regulatory approval in order to receive exchange status.

What is the purpose of Altbase?

Altbase was designed to remove the issues plaguing the current DeFi scene that adds an unnecessary barrier to entry for new investors. The community team behind the project aims to make purchasing altcoins easy to encourage new investment in the projects that are listed.

Startup phase: 6AM 12/23 6AM UTC - 6AM 12/24 6AM UTC | Trading Starts: 9AM 12/24 UTC