Having undergone 3 months of development and extensive testing, some of the bugs found when pushing to the live environment were frustrating - to say the least. 

With that being said, we can equally empathize with holders that were waiting in expectation for the relaunch. However, and without making excuses, these things do happen when pushing from a testflight version to what's designed to be a fully-fledged cryptocurrency app - connected to multiple APIs - with TradingView being one of note.

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Let us explain exactly why this happened, how it’s being fixed, and what the end product WILL look like.

Testing Showed Full Functionality - Live Build Unearthed New Issues

As alluded to, when pushing a digital product whether that be a mobile app or website - there will be issues with certain devices. This is just the landscape we find ourselves in today whereby users have a wide varying range of devices, with the Android market having thousands of potential device types, screen sizes, and functionality differences.

With the variety of different devices - across iOS and Android - that were used within testing, all showed full functionality. Once the Google Play Store accepted the build, issues with certain devices began to arise. As is usually the case with these things, Google pushed the build live at 3AM local time for our in-house app devs, meaning the community were able to find the build beforehand. Good job by the way!

We now have a LOT of testing data

With how the story panned out, a village-full of users provided a wealth of device-specific feedback of which is highly appreciated by the app development team. With testing, real-user data is the most important as it is representative of what is in the live environment, as per that device. This period of testing and user feedback has actually provided us with a load of information, and led us to the right direction for a few issues already encountered.

App Temporarily Paused To Allow For Fixes

Due to the tenacious community within Altbase Token, feedback has been provided and then passed-on to the devs with urgency. The number one priority of the team is to get a functional app - on both app stores - befitting of the “home of Altcoins” title. Therefore, the app has been removed from the play store via our own console - whilst the fixes are made. What is absolutely determined is the need to fix all of the issues encountered, within a reasonable timeframe. The app and its impending utility are the precursor for the project, and thus the fixes will receive the urgency deserved. $ALTB and how it will be systemically engrained with the app - to provide its utility - is the ultimate goal.

A team of 5 app developers and a UX designer are working tooth-and-nail to ensure that the next time the app goes live, it will be the holy grail of cryptocurrency apps - that others in the space have tried, and failed to attain. The method, and integrations of the app are there - it’s just connecting them to the live app and to allow users to buy altcoins. This could be a matter of days.

These Things Definitely DO Happen

Again, not to pass the buck or make light of it - app development is a minefield. Within the cryptocurrency industry, it's a warzone. However, we have a method that when realized will utilise some of the best in-app functionality including WalletConnect, and 1InchExchange swap features. 

Today's events were by no way reflective of the team's expertise. The timing of events just exacerbated the issues. This is probably one of the most skilled in-house app-dev teams in the space, but just like everyone else, they need time to put things right when they go wrong.

A lot of the issues encountered derive from the previous 100xAltbase app build. Built using Ionic XP - a code used for early versions of apps in 2015-2016 - this made migrating features and functionality an absolute nightmare. The app is now built using React Native - used by the industry’s top players - hence why it looks head-and-shoulders better than before. It’ll even have full NFT marketplace integration - something few apps in the space can boast.

Update To Come Tomorrow RE Bug Fixes

We ask for users to provide the app-dev team a bit of time in order to rectify the issues encountered on launch. With the importance of the app, bug fixes and getting the app ready again to be pushed live is the absolute priority. With that, a further update will be provided tomorrow in the form of a progress report for issues encountered.

We are still early in terms of wider crypto adoption, so we do have a few days to make things right for when the masses come. Watch out for updates on Twitter, and the Discord server as we look to ensure the relaunch of Altbase goes right - third times the charm right? Maybe even a CEO update and walkthrough of the FINISHED app?

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.