The time has come for the Junkie Catz minting and NFT sale to come to a close. The expected date for the sale to end has been set for December 15th UTC, but we do have some surprises in store for $ALTB holders who are current Junkie Catz holders and last-minute buyers.

Junkie Catz 30 NFTs Giveaway

Junkie Catz is an exclusive NFT collection built on Polygon, that has been created as a collaboration between Fomo Labs and CPIE. The NFTs use eye-catching and imaginative designs, to tell the backstory behind a group of ‘Junkie Catz,’ who have fallen on hard times.

For those that are unaware or feel like they missed out, fear not, as we have up until this December 15th date to mint your very own and help this group of degenerate Junkie Catz get a new lease on life.

Any NFTs remaining in the release that have not yet been sold by the December 15th cut-off date will be burned and taken out of the circulating supply. 

Giveaway Announced for 30 Lucky Participants

As part of the closing sale, there is going to be 30 Junkie Catz NFTs given to 30 lucky winners. Details for this will be announced on the Junkie Catz Twitter page so make sure you head on over, keep a keen eye on the promotions and be sure to enter when the competition goes live.

Junkie Catz Twitter:

Rewards for Current Holders

Due to the sale coming to a close and as a show of appreciation for the buyers that did participate in the sale, holders of the Junkie Catz NFT series that also hold Altbase’s defi cryptocurrency $ALTB, are set to receive exclusive offers on future releases.

The exclusive offers are not limited to NFT released by the CremePieSwap team, but also for future releases of partner project releases and entry to presale events. 

The Tale of the Junkie Catz

Junkie Catz is an NFT series that tells a tragic story involving misfortune, hardship, addiction, and the toll incarceration had on a once tame and well-loved group of normal house cats.

One tragic evening the group of once ordinary cats were roaming in the wrong neighborhood and met their demise when they were caught by the local cat catcher. The group was taken, locked up, and unless someone would come to claim them, destined to spend the rest of their days inside one of the strictest animal shelters in the area.

The Beginning of the End for the Cats

The cats found their new environment to be harsh and unforgiving. Prison life wasn’t easy and they missed their old existence, but eventually, all hope of rescue started to disappear. The months came and went, with seemingly no one coming to collect them, the cats started to change, adapting to their new harsh existence and slowly but surely, dependencies formed and their substance addictions started to take shape. 

Prison life gradually took this group of once clean, well-groomed, and loved house cats and changed them for the worst. The house cats were no more, with the group becoming what is now known as the Junkie Catz.

The only way to rescue this group from despair - paying the bond. NFTs are how we make that happen. 

Last Chance to Help Rescue These Junkies

Junkie Catz NFTs

The closing date for the NFT sale has been locked in and the last chance to rescue and rehabilitate your very own Junkie Catz is fast approaching. Any remaining NFTs after the December 15th cut-off date are planned to be burned and will be removed from circulation. 

Details and updates for the 30 NFT giveaway will be released on the Junkie Catz Twitter shortly. Plus, for the holders of the Junkie Catz NFTs that also hold $ALTB tokens, you are first in line for future partner presale events with announcements to be made as these events go live.

Want to grab your own Junkie Catz NFT before it’s too late?


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