Powering the ecosystem

Altbase Token ($ALTB) is the native token for the App, powering the apps ecosystem.

Using $ALTB, users can purchase the latest cryptocurrency offerings completely hassle-free, with no worries about slippage errors, using only a debit or credit card. Easy!

Drive volume of $ALTB

Over time, $ALTB will be paired with other currencies on the app, driving the volume of the native token through transactions on the app.


DeFi Cryptocurrency to the Mainstream

Get a secure wallet with Altbase to store your cryptocurrency. Existing wallets can be seamlessly connected to the Altbase app, via secure seed phrase import.

A multi-use Token for More Than Buying Coins


$ALTB Token is the coin to use for anything Altbase - Use your tokens to purchase products, merchandise and services, all within the app with more options being made available soon.

Altbase Token - Your Ticket to the World of Altcoins

Altbase Token is your ticket to the exciting world of altcoins, memecoins and DeFi cryptocurrency solutions. Pairing with a huge list of tokens, all available in one easy application, $ALTB will allow users to purchase safely and securely.

The rewards token

$ALTB will be used to pay loyalty rewards to users of the exchange and app.

Tokenomics aimed to benefit holders

$ALTB Token is an auto-liquidity and auto-deflationary coin built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Developed with the aim of transparent and sound tokenomics that benefit long term holders. Transaction fees include automatic token burning, liquidity pool generation and development budget.

Built For Pairing

$ALTB is a utility token that was designed and built with pairing in mind. This design allows the app to list a wide range of altcoins with lower marketcaps. $ALTB Token is more reflective of lower market cap and lower priced projects that have the most potential for growth.


The previous token $100x was rebranded to $ALTB, to make branding more succinct and make the coin a truly native currency to the app.

A New Standard for Alts

$ALTB helps new investors to understand how to buy altcoins - by allowing purchases by credit/debit card as opposed to current UX minefields.

Putting Security First

Altbase understands that security and trust is indispensable in the crypto space and so, the $ALTB token was created with security at the forefront.

Formerly known as 100xcoin. Check out our rebranding news for more information.