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It has never been easier to Buy Altcoins

Altbase is a new platform to buy altcoins and meme coins on iOS and Android.
  • Super simple setup.
  • No overcomplicated buying processes.
  • No purchasing errors.

An Altcoin Exchange for the masses

Altbase aims to simplify the process for new-comers to crypto and make the process of buying altcoins simple and straightforward. The confusion that comes with investing in new projects and using complicated DApps is all too common. Altbase lowers the barrier to entry for new investors. Try Altbase today and discover the new way to buy Altbase Token, Bitcoin, Altcoins and Meme Coins from any smartphone, anywhere in the world.



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What is Altbase?

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Altbase is a leading altcoin application. Buy altcoins, and seamlessly purchase Altbase Token with a credit or debit card all within the app, easily and hassle-free.

An exchange for Alts and Meme Coins

Integrated Secure Wallet

Get a secure wallet with Altbase to store your cryptocurrency. Existing wallets can be seamlessly connected to the Altbase app, via secure seed phrase import.

Altbase Token
A Truly Native Coin

100xCoin has been rebranded to Altbase token, to allow the coin to be closely tied with the performance of Altbase, and drive its in-app purchases whilst being a pairing with other currencies in the near future.

Send and Receive

You can quickly send and receive new altcoins at the press of a button. Altbase allows for easy transactions between different wallets, with multi-chain support soon to come.

Non-stop listings

Altbase is listing new projects consistently and highly encourages promotion of even the smallest low-cap gems. Is your favourite token missing from the Altbase line-up?
Get your new altcoin and meme coin projects listed through our New Crypto Coins listing competition page!

The project with the most votes wins so get your communities involved and voting!


Fully-vetted projects listed

Due to the amount of rug-pulls and scam projects on the BSC in particular, we screen all projects prior to listing to increase investor protection.

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Stay tuned!

Many more exciting features and new altcoin launches are planned for integration in future updates of Altbase, with Multicoin support and a browser-based exchange currently in development.

Formerly known as 100xcoin. Check out our rebranding news for more information.